Monday, June 14, 2010

Big Bones

This is a good picture of me from when we lived in West Bend.  My family treats me very well.  I like them.

Welcome to my web page - no cats anywhere!

Ruff Ruff! Welcome to my web site!

I like cheese and bread. Yum!
My name given at birth was Sable Peanut Sanddigger, but now I just go by Sable or Doggie Mae.
My birth Mom's name is Sandy Super Sniffer.
You can call me whatever you want, I'll like you no matter what.
My parents take very good care of me. I just don't like when they go to work. What is that all about anyway? Shouldn't they just stay home and play with me?
When my family is away I like to jump on the couch and sometimes on the bed when they leave the door open. When I lay down I make a big grumble that sounds like "grumph" and I like to put my chin on things.